Master plan of Tyuokucastle in Shangton,CHINA
2012 Shangton,CHINA
The large-scale development project of about 1 million m² by which the commerce under plan, a dwelling, an office, a hotel, and a sport facility go into China and Shandong.
Development of the circumference centering on a board-like upper-layers building is planned. The plan under which it has difficulty in a view or a pitch of building is advancing. Close a lake called Namsan Park faces and it has a good scene.
A difference with those development is characterized by this plan, and collateralizing profitability, it is planning it so that it may become good living environment. The view to Namsan Park and the omission of a field of view are secured, and the plan is made so that a pitch of building may be kept suitable.
Model bird’s-eye view
Low layer part
Project Name:Master plan of Tyuokucastle in Shangton,CHINA
Architect:Nishikura Kiyoshi(Nishikura Architectural Design Office)
Use:shop,residence,housing complex,sports
Site Area:123,716㎡
Gross Floor Area:912,785㎡